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  • Andrew Kay

    Andrew Kay is a freelance Jazz musician, photographer and writer from Toronto, Canada. Trained as a Jazz Saxophonist at Humber College, Andrew is currently living in Kolkata, India studying North Indian Classical Raga Music in the vocal and instrumental style and applying it the the Saxophone.

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    Janice Goveas

    Janice Goveas works primarily in fiction and playwriting. Her plays have been staged in the US and Canada, and a collection of them, Margaret in Search of Herself and Other Plays, was published in 2008. Her fiction has been published in various anthologies and magazines. Her contributions to Travel Thali, however, are personal essays drawn from her many years of being in different parts of the world. She currently lives in Toronto.

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...a difficult moment that probably every parent has had to endure...and how wonderful that people can be understanding instead of miserable. I try to remember those challenges when stuck in a plane of crying babies...just knowing the little ones and their parents are probably suffering more than I am!

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Ronald Sukenick does not discuss the tao in his book of specifically literary criticism, but he says of this poem, "If the poem can be considered a series of instances of how the imagination works, the fact that the sections are insistently cryptic implies the assumption of a certain relation between the rational mind and the imagination. Rationalists confine themselves to one kind of perception. There is a more extensive kind of perception available through the imagination. One finds in this poem that there are degrees in kind of imaginative statement, from those which are figurative, but whose meaning may be specified, to those whose meaning is ultimately ambiguous, but which for that reason are highly suggestive." (WSMTO, p.72, 73)

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