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    With years of event planning & design experience under her belt, Lina’s flair for organizing extraordinary events has resulted in her work being seen on shows like Design Diva, Opening Soon, and in mags like Elle Décor & BizBash. Lina is multi-faceted in her talents. She can transform raw, ordinary spaces into awe-inspiring environments by unique thematic concepts, lighting design, florals, decor and more.

    In her blog, Lina will offer inspiration through her experience, planning tips for any event, of any size. She invites you to join the discussion and have fun! To get on her VIP list for the hottest parties, check out

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Love the tips to the straights! Can't wait to see the new venue & vibe.


Hey Lina - your pointers rock! Cleverly put ESSENTIAL stuff especially the "armed... under the arm" bit and the "roaming hands caution" - definately needed! Keep it coming with your advice style guru!


Malika rocks! And you too Lina! Love your advice to all the folks. Guys,just because women are out letting letting loose - dirty dancing or dressed sexily - doesn't mean they are asking to be molested. And let me tell you, that's exactly what if feels like when someone you haven't given permission to, touches you - no matter where you do on the body. If you want to pick up, use a little more class and you might just be successful!

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