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    Tina is a public relations manager by profession. In January 2010 she entered the new, adventurous world of motherhood. Every day is a magical new experience, she says. In this column she shares some of her experiences with the readers.


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    Keenjal Shah is a kindergarten teacher and is pursuing her doctorate in Early Childhood Education. Keenjal's focus lies in establishing and facilitating home-school partnerships with new immigrant parents and parents from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

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November 18, 2010


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baisakhi roy

what was your decision?

Tina George

Hi Baisakhi, I chose to put my daughter in a day care centre. For a few of reasons.
1. I like the discipline and structure that comes with the institutions
2. There are three care gives at any time. So even if you/your child is not happy with one, there are others around her.
3. I did not find any home-based day care provided who I was really comfortable with.

My daughter has just started going to the daycare. She is just settling down.

Do you have a baby for whom you are considering daycare? Let me know if I can help you with anything else.


baisakhi roy

I tried home based daycare. The provider just couldn't cope with my daughter not eating the entire day. She also has 7 kids of different age groups, all in the same room.
I think my daughter was a bit overwhelmed by that.

Also Ayumi is about 2 1/2, so it's a whole different kind of transition for her . I was at home with her for two years.

She will be going to a day care center from April, precisely for the reasons you have mentioned.

hope she does well there :)


Tina George

I also feel that home based daycare is slightly tricky. If it works, it is great. But there are good chances it wouldn't. Glad you found another one and getting set to start your daughter in a centre. Tina

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