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    Tina is a public relations manager by profession. In January 2010 she entered the new, adventurous world of motherhood. Every day is a magical new experience, she says. In this column she shares some of her experiences with the readers.


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    Keenjal Shah is a kindergarten teacher and is pursuing her doctorate in Early Childhood Education. Keenjal's focus lies in establishing and facilitating home-school partnerships with new immigrant parents and parents from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

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May 25, 2008


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Good post! I messed up on this front. When my daughter was born, her dad and I continued to speak in English and so the only language she learned was english. That's such a shame because I can speak six indian languages and yet did not think to make any one of them a dominant language during her formative years!

Now, she can understand a few phrases here and there in hindi but she always responds in english. She's learning some sentences (thanks to Bollywood) but it would all have been so much easier when she was little!


English has become the language of the world.

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