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May 28, 2008


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Hie My child is five years old and has red blood in her poop. She suffers from severe constipation . What should i do?She cries and cries when she has abowel movement.


Dear Naina
I would like to ask you a few more questions. Is the blood bright red in color. Is it mixed with stool? Is it just on the toilet paper when you wipe?
How hard are the stools?
Bright red blood in a five year old with so much pain while having a bowel movement is usually due to a fissure.
A fissure is a break in the inner linning of the anus. It is usually due to hard stools. Children experince a lot of pain while passing stool.More than 90% of children with blood in their stools have an anal fissure.
Your primary care provider should do a rectal examination. He should be able to see a fissure.
He may advise sitz baths and stool softners.
I would advise you get an appointment with him.
The other causes of bright red blood in the stool could be :
angio dysplasias
meckels diverticulum-which is usually painless
Inflammatory bowel disease like crohns and collitis: It is very low in my differnetial. children usually have diahrrea. There is alot of abdomianl pain.
the blood is mixed with stool.
Hope this helps.
Please feel free to ask me any more questions.
However i would advise you see your primary care provider.


my child is 1year and 6months and he passes hard stools with a trace of blood.but he does not cry or have any pain at that time.Please give your suggestion for helping me to tackle his constipation


my child is 1year and 6months and he passes hard stools with a trace of blood.but he does not cry or have any pain at that time.Please give your suggestion for helping me to tackle his constipation



Thanks for the lovely posts- It was very enlightning and educative. Now i know what signs to look out for just incase my kids are going through any of these traumers and better still how to resolve it.

Keep posting ...

love u loads



Was also very curious if there are natural rememdies to blood in stool besides visiting general practitioner?



Excellent post! Really well researched and informative.

I found that cheese made the situation far worse which is a shame as I loved eating cheese

It’s still a small price to pay for being pain free

Well done and keep up the good work.



I've seen a few natural constipation treatments out there, but I'm afraid to use them on my child.

I just don't feel comfortable using something that doesn't have proven studies backing it.

m mathur

my neice is 2yrs old and is suffering with constipation.we give her oats,rice pulses ,fruits milk.she doesn't chew her food,so we give her semi-solids or mashed food,which she just gulps.she is a very active and alert child.her mother has hypothyroid,is there a possibility that she(baby) has thyroid problem.she doesn't show any symptoms except frequent constipation.

Barbara Thomson

Helpful post. I especially found it informative expecially for cases of cosntipation among children and infants. Thank you so much for sharing, Barbara.

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Just exhibits that writing via encounter brings so a lot of depth and relevance to ones readers. Thank you for sharing.

Hemorrhoid Treatment

Great post! It's beneficial not only to children but to adults as well.


My younger brothers are addicted to cheese. My father has secretly been putting fiber in their drinks.

Constipation remedies

Thanks, I always advocate on my website, that people get enough fiber in there diets, it just makes things go "smoother"

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And you base your "this is dangerous" statement on what, exactly? Medical or scientific proof? Or your own unfounded fears and ignorance? As far as I am aware, there has not been a single instance of a tourist getting sick from drinking Masai cow blood.

Candy Vega

My daughter had quite a bit of blood on her panties which the p.a. said it looks like she broke a vessel? But to me it looks like way to much blood, how much blood can come from constipation?? Thanks

A Reader On Constipation Remedies

As you suggest, one common way to reduce constipation is by adding foods rich in fiber to the child's diet. What some people don't know is that adding sorbitol also helps reduce constipation. Sorbitol is rich in prunes and pears, which is not surprising as prunes (which are dried plums) are a well-known food for helping bowel regularity.

Constipation Home Remedies

The most important causes of chronic constipation are a faulty diet and style of living.

treatment of hemorrhoids

Thank you for articulating some great points. When ever reading a news alert item I also trying and join the topic stream.


i think fiber can play an important role to avoide constipation


My 7 year old Son has a problem going to the toilet sometimes.
he doesnt go in shcool coz its dirty or they dont have soap there ---- he stops his motion from coming by squeezing his butt.
Also he stains his underwear as well coz of that - then ends up having involuntary bowel incontinence.
just coz there is no soap there !
now imagine when there is not going to be water ?
here at home, once there was no water ----- even though there was water and a bottle there and mug and bucketfilled with water -- he did not wash and was simply sitting --- he says he cannot wash without pipe(faucet) coz he needs to spray his butt clean then wash it well with soap.
Now my problem arises because we will be going to Canada in a few weeks and there they DO NOT HAVE WATER in any of the toilets!!!!!!!! We can take a small bottle or use wet wipes , but i dont know how is he going to manage --- he cried when there was no faucet at home. i think he is going to fall back into his incontinence cycle when he goes there.....any advice or support is appreciated. =(


fiber is beneficial against constipation

Maria Stockton

Children mostly suffer constipation because they are so picky on their food and most kids i know dont much like to vegetables, which i think is very helpful in preventing constipation. thank you for this helpful post.

Susanne Richardson

Fiber is very important in our diet. we should always include this in our meal to prevent constipation and other complications.

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Liked you on Facebook, too. =)

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