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    Entrepreneur, lawyer and mother, Niru is the visionary and creative force behind a new one-of-a-kind lifestyle show aimed at examining the rich and complex South Asian experience in North American life. Join her as she chronicles her journey into the creative world of producing a show and as she explores interesting, engaging and compelling issues that grab our attention and capture our imagination.

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Hello Niru - I just finished watching a show on TVO with Steve Paikin that you were on. I would like to thank you for being the only person on the show that made sense. I think you approached every issue or concern without an agenda. My wife and I firmly believe that our community requires more rational spokespersons like yourselves. Our upbringing and education was exemplified by someone like yourself.

I find that many times we forget why we behave differently in certain situations. Our culture, like everyone else's dictates our behavior. There's positives and negatives. However, you shed light on the fact that every culture should embrace certain values such as family and selflessness.

This is why I use to watch films with my mum and dad in England. This was our only connection to our roots in India while living in South London. Today we might even be considered cool or trendsetters but I remember a time when we were beat up for being different. Bollywood old school taught us that we must always continue the good fight because in the end it will prevail.

I think it is applicable in the real world.


Actually, Heaven, in the Christian sense, has always been about being with God forever. Nothing to do with candies or other silliness.

Rajesh Duggal

Why not just say "I don't know"? Why tell her about Heaven, when the Christian bible says you and your daughter will end up in Hell no matter how nice you are, because you haven't accepted Jesus. :(

And the muslims say you and your daughter will end up in muslim hell for not believing in islam.

Why feel a need to mention the "soul" or "spirituality" when there is no evidence for such things?

If you're going to say things like Heaven, Soul, Spirit. You might as well say something she might understand better... such as.. when we die we go to North Pole and live with Santa, and play all year long.

Please please please, resist telling your children about things that have no justification for belief. Instead admit simply that we don't know. And that many people claim to know. But that they don't have good evidence yet. And maybe explain what evidence is, and start teaching about critical thinking.

Some interesting links:

"Critical Thinking"

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