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October 17, 2007



Good article. I have to disagree with you on an important point though.

I agree that with Chura Liya by Bally Sagoo gave him a following outside of the bhangra market. That being said he was by no means the person to start Hindi remixing.

There were dozens of people doing this and making it popular before he did (again in terms of Hindi remixes). In England, guys like Amit and Sanj, as well as various Canadian (DJ Jiten/ABC Productions/Sunshine etc.) & American DJ's had been producing very popular hindi remixes years before Bally moved from Punjabi remixes to Hindi.

I take nothing away from Bally as he was a true pioneer, however when it comes to Bally it was safe to say he was 'inspired' to do Hindi remixes after coming to North America and seeing what the guys here were doing first.


Hey Vik,

Point noted. Perhaps I phrased it incorrectly. What I intended to say was that remixes per se, became notorious after his single was released in India. And as far as the exposure in the South Asian sub continent was concerned, Sagoo was among the earlier ones to cash in on the trend. But you're absolutely right about the guys out West doing it earlier.

Thanks for your comments!

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