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    Zehra (EcoDesi) is a programmer by profession, environmentalist by nature. She believes that no effort is too small and everyone should think of this earth as a gift as opposed to a right. The EcoDesi mantra is that when we take into account the monetary cost of buying something then let us also look at the environmental cost.
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hey EcoDesi... was just reading yer article and wanted to suggest to your readers to also check out as it has a great wealth of information. (FYI, MAC select foundation is 6/10 on a toxic chart )
:( A quick search revealed what I long suspected... Burts Bees has sold out and is owned by CLOROX! ( ) . Part of being eco is being kind to the environment & promoting local, sustainable growth. :) Head down to Kensington market or use the web to find "eco-cosmetics" that are home-grown.
Hope this helps... :)
Cheers :)

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Jup - thanks for you comments. Sad to hear that Burt's Bees sold out and your suggestion about Kensington market is a really good one indeed. There is so much one can write about for this topic, maybe it will be worthwhile to look into writing a part two. hmm.


Nike - thanks for posting your comment. Profound words which kind of went over my head but thanks anyway.

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