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July 07, 2011



Very well put! You at least recovered most of your $40 but what about us - who were in the most uncomfortable Level 100 seats (that we bought via Ticketmaster thank fully) ... each sitting by themselves (couldnt get seats together) and resigned to trying to text each other while waiting 2.5 hours for a show that was a massive flop? And did I mention there were 10 of us? between us, we spent $1300 ... could have saved $1298.50 if we waited until the next day when the $1.50 DVD came out with a print WAY better than the screens they put up!!


Thanks for reading and commenting. I'll take this opportunity to give a well deserved shout-out to all those poor souls who sat for over 2 hours waiting for an over-hyped and over-priced show. You are the ones who deserve the ovation.

Shalini Khanna

Well I could not have expressed my feelings anymore eloquently than you have. I tip my hat to you for taking the time to actually speak up and state what most of us were feeling. My only saving grace was that I did not spend the $40.00 but did hear of the aftermath of this "so called" Prestigious Awards show" known as IIFA, from my in-laws and other family members. I really do feel for you and all of the people that endured this show live. By just watching the coverage of IIFA(before and after), I was flabberghasted as to how the OMNI team were interviewing certain celeberties. One of them actually had the audasity to conclude the interview with the legendary - Asha Bhonsleji by saying "ok Asha" Are you kidding me???? I would be honored to have 2 words with this Goddess of music and yet this interviewer had no sense of what she was saying. I'm sure I could go on and on but thank you for summarizing in great detail how I and many of us were feeling through this whole ordeal of a show. The Omni crew, promotors, stage directors etc. really need to learn from this experience if they ever want to attempt another show.


I think its the Indians raised in Canada or who migrated early in the 60's who like these kind of shows

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