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June 16, 2011


Preeti D

I agree that amongst all the euphoria, it is forgotten that Canadian tax dollars are being used to promote already very rich stars who come from film dynasties and who lip synch their performances. Personally I think it is dishonest of them as they are piggybacking their dance routine on a troupe of performers and also at the same time diminishing the real singer.

Would you ever see any Hollywood stars, just to take an example - Nicole Kidman, performing Moulin Rouge songs and strutting around a stage pretending it is her song.

Preeti D

Imagine the uproar if we had to pay 40 dollars per game to watch the hockey playoffs? I would like to see more support from our local tv stations to promoting sport and entertainment. Whats the point of paying for ATN on top of the Rogers/Bell basic charge, but still not being able to watch the world cup cricket or IIFA without paying an arm and a leg more. It wont get more people interested in the game and in the end ATN will lose business. I watched the world cup over the internet as I am sure I will watch the IIFA's too sooner or later.

It is sad that immigrants usually get milked by other immigrant service providers and its time we started writing to our MPs to structure the multicultural programming to include more sports and entertainment that matter.

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