• Rajinder Batra

    Rajinder Batra is a retired Employment Standards Office with 15 years experience with the Ontario Ministry of Labour. He regularly contributes articles regarding the rights of employees and obligations of the employers under Employment Standards Act, 2000 to various publications. Readers are encouraged to contact the author with their questions and the author is willing to share his knowledge and expertise with MyBindi's readers at no charge.

    Rajinder can be contacted via e-mail at or fax at (905) 331-1805. Please note your questions (and Rajinder's response to them) may be shared online to benefit other members of the MyBindi community.
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claim for injury compensation if you have sustained a physical or psychological injury in an accident, where another party or parties were fully or partially to blame. Even if you had some part in causing the incident, if it was not entirely your fault you are entitled to claim for injury compensation.

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